Fostering strong relationships by connecting people over the gift of social experience.
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Embarrassed to send off yet another gift-basket around the holidays? We've got your solution. Look no further than Kured.


Kured is a U.S-based gift-giving business specializing in charcuterie arrangements. We merge the concept of charcuterie boards with elaborate floral arrangements to produce charcuterie bouquets. We're leveraging innovation to re-invent both the gifting and charcuterie industries in a disruptive way. 


Our mission is to assist gift-givers in surprising and delighting their friends and family with high-quality, on-demand, innovative gifts. More than the unique and delicious charcuterie product itself, we're helping individuals gift meaning through the gift of social experience. 

Our story

Gillian's inspiration for Kured stems from her time abroad in Madrid, Spain. While traveling through Europe, Gillian noticed that charcuterie was not only a massive trend, but it brought individuals together on a daily basis. She set out to bring this essence of bonding and sociability home with her to the United States.

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Finely handcrafted, high-quality products

At Kured, we are passionate about providing you finely handcrafted, gourmet products that will leave you wanting more. Our high-quality charcuterie bouquets are perfect for bringing friends and family around the table. We believe living a fulfilling life means reminiscing in good company! We make this possible with our Kured bouquets.

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